2D vs 3D for Duskbringer

When I first thought of the concept for Duskbringer, I wanted to make it in the retro styles of Lands of Lore, Eye of the Beholder and other dungeon crawling classics.  But when the engine I was using had issues with 3D not being as easy to use as I had hoped, I looked at [ ... ]
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Twilight Approaches

Progress on Duskbringer’s Dawn is going well. Initially, the engine was suppose to be similar to Lands of Lore. It was going to be 2D and very retro. However, with some help from the development community, a 3D engine with movement similar to Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore has been created. The [ ... ]
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Duskbringer’s Dawn

Ever since I played The Bard’s Tale in the late 80’s, I was hooked on computer RPGs. Then came Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore. I was completely mesmerized by this style. So for a long time, I have wanted to create an RPG in the same vein. However, the interfaces [ ... ]
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AGS has gone Open Source

Adventure Game Studio has opened the source code for the editor and now the engine as well. This is excellent news as it means ports can be created for OS X and other platforms that previously were not available. AGS is an excellent game engine designed mainly for adventure games. It is the engine that [ ... ]
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New Art Pipeline

For years, I have used Poser and Hexagon as my render platform and modeller.  Today, I purchased Modo 501 to take care of the modelling and possibly some of the rendering.  Its rendering engine is far superior to Poser in many ways.  As I learn more about it, I will be using Modo more and [ ... ]
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A Prince Amongst Thieves

“The Rogue Prince” is progressing well.  The story and dialog are mostly written.  A good chunk of the graphics for Chapter 1 is done.  I’m just working on the engine itself.  I had a long struggle with deciding on which game engine I wanted to use.  Since this is an adventure game, Adventure Game Studio [ ... ]
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Dungeon Crawl Software just moved to a new host.  There may be some mild interruption at first.  However, we hope that our new hosting provider will be both faster and more secure.  Please stay tuned for any updates on our games. If you are looking for Poser artwork by Redspark, you can find his work at [ ... ]